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Health & Safety

As a result of our stringent health & safety policies and procedures, we are prequalified to work for all upstream and midstream clients.

We believe that water management operations should be conducted in a way that protects the health and safety of our clients, our employees and contractors, and the general public. Our commitment to health & safety incorporates a formal safety program with full-time HSE personnel. We’re members of ISNetworld (the global standard for contractor safety) and ComplyWorks, and we’re COR-certified in Alberta and British Columbia.

Productivity Flows
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At Whitewater, our safety program is understood, embraced and strictly followed by all management and employees. Through our commitment to continuous adherence and improvement, we hold monthly safety meetings with all employees to ensure a continuous focus on our safety culture. Weekly management field meetings are also a top priority, helping to further engage our work force to remain focused on HSE initiatives and mandates.

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