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Dewatering, Water Transfer, Fluid Storage and Disposal

Whitewater is a cutting-edge fluids management company, started by industry leaders with decades of expertise in the industry, a great reputation, and an excellent environmental and safety record, we offer the best and most flexible water management programs for our clients. Experts in engineering, remediation chemicals, and regulatory compliance; let our team handle your water and industrial fluid needs. We offer full service, on-site technicians with 24/7 monitoring, or you can rent or buy pumping equipment to suit your needs. Our engineering staff is ready to assist you with all your requirements.

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Productivity Flows Through us

There are few water management companies as consistent, trustworthy, and reliable as Whitewater. We’ll trudge through mud and snow. We’ll work through the night and we will find a way. From ultra-tight deadlines to the ugliest conditions, we work in lockstep with our clients to ensure their water needs are met, no matter the challenges.
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EDDY Pump is Not a Centrifugal, Vortex, or PD Pump but a Pump Harnessing the Fluid Dynamics of an Eddy Current.

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Water Transfer

We own and maintain one of the largest fleet in the water management space. These assets equate to better planning and reduced cost.

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Industrial Pumping

Engineered solutions for your turn-around or emergency situations. Planned or immediate response.

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Leadership Team

Every day, we make good on our commitment to our customers – to achieve excellence.


Successful History

From its principal offices in Calgary and main operational hub in Grande Prairie, Alberta, the Whitewater’s executive team stewards the company’s growth and directs its water management activities.


Dedicated Team

From the front desk to the field, all Whitewater’s employees work beyond the boundaries of a job description.


Wellpoint Dewatering Systems

Groundwater levels may be stabilised in the workplace using wellpoint systems. Small diameter wells are connected by a header pipe to a wellpoint pump in

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Wellpoint Dewatering

In addition to having offices all throughout the country, we design custom wellpoint dewatering packages to match the unique needs of each customer. First-rate wellpoint

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WATER SUPPLY FOR HYDRAULIC FRACTURING Whitewater engineers know that a substantial amount of relatively fresh water must be readily available for hydraulic fracturing since water

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Industry terminology such as filtration, sediment management, and treatment are all used to describe the cleansing of fluids of their component or contaminant content. Whitewater

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