Our Process

Trust Whitewater to plan and manage the parameters, technologies and methodologies that best meet your water logistics goals.

Whitewater’s Process is situated on the front line of water delivery technologies, water management solutions and water use regulations. With excellent safety leadership, a reputation for problem solving, and decades of dedicated industry expertise, we provide a turnkey water management program for our oil & gas clients. From planning, permitting and compliance to recycling, takedown and re-use, Whitewater has every aspect covered.

Water Use & Coordination

A key differentiator with Whitewater is our knowledge of regulatory requirements. We can handle your permitting, compliance and maintenance of all government and industry regulations.

Field Execution

Once at your site, our storage system will ensure the most effective use of water. Here are a few key services or specialized equipment we utilize: 

  • Frac water tanks – frac pond water storage system – represent the lowest cost, simplest transport & setup options in the industry
  • Water pipelines
  • Submersible pump systems used inside the tank for optimal suction
  • Manifolds – can accommodate both 6’ and 12’ hose connections