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Whitewater‘s emergency response team will rapidly deploy equipment and people to assist in any wildfire, flood, or spills scenarios. Our equipment and personnel are available 24/7/365.

Are you currently in the midst of an emergency? Get in touch with us.

Water supply, fluid spill, and flood mitigation emergency response services are available around the clock at any time

Our staff is well-versed in the gravity of emergency situations and is prepared to deal with them appropriately. As a result, we are able to quickly and safely transport personnel, pipe, pumps, and other support equipment.


Flood mitigation and emergency pumping are two of the most common requirements for emergency flood pumping services. If filtration or erosion control are needed to transfer the water safely and effectively, we will plan, provide, and install various pumps and drainage line lengths for that purpose.

As a Canadian-owned and run firm, Whitewater prides itself on bringing devotion, innovation, and solutions to every opportunity and project that presents itself.  As a collective, the Whitewater project service team has worked hard and matured throughout the years as leaders, mentors, and partners in a mutually beneficial relationship.  The Whitewater Management Services brand is linked with timely and quality service across Canada, and we are proud of that reputation.

An emergency situation may necessitate the use of extra pumps or pipes. That may be done by the Whitewater’s team. Get in touch with Whitewater as soon as possible.

Emergency Response

Emergency Response - Fluid Spill - Flooding - Water Supply for Wildfire

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Emergency Response - Fire - Flood - Fluid Spills

  • 1
    6” to 12” high flow and high head pumps up to 600 HP
  • 2
    200+ kms of reel hose for quick deployment
  • 3
    High volume sprinkler systems
  • 4
    C-rings or mod tanks up to 6500 m3
  • 5
    Filtration units
  • 6
    Water-filled dams
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