Dewatering with Wellpoints?


In order to create a safe, dry, and stable geotechnical environment for the construction of deep foundations, structures, and utilities below what was the existing natural higher groundwater level, dewatering is the temporary removal of groundwater from soils, lowering and maintaining the existing groundwater table to a lower target elevation that is comfortably below a planned excavation depth.

In shallow excavations, single-stage well-point dewatering methods are typically the most efficient way to achieve an optimum draw down. A second stage of a deep well system may be constructed for deeper excavations.

A comprehensive dewatering package, including a plan, equipment specification and suggestion, filtration, and groundwater monitoring, is provided by the experienced engineers at Whitewater after reviewing the geology report and working with the environmental consultant.


A particularly effective technique is wellpoint dewatering, sometimes referred to as sandpoint dewatering. In order to completely dry and stabilise the soil within an excavation, ensuring the long-term use of assets like water, gas, or oil pipelines, dewatering generally refers to the process of redirecting ground water, lowering the ground water table, and merely reducing the water content in foundation soil.

Well pointing is used to stabilize soils that contain silts or sandy silts as well as to drain excavations. Vacuum is used to do this, which is frequently produced using pumps. In other words, the vacuum produced increases the hydraulic gradient of the casing flow to the well point or header, which is advantageous for pulling down more than 18 to 25 feet of ground water in impermeable soils.

As a result, traditional methods mostly rely on gravity flow techniques including open ditches, bore wells, and submersible pumps, as well as well point or sand point systems, and other vacuum dewatering applications.

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