Whitewater engineers know that a substantial amount of relatively fresh water must be readily available for hydraulic fracturing since water serves as the major transport fluid. The quality of the water used in the procedure is critical since contaminants might limit the effectiveness of the chemicals.

Surface water sources, such as lakes, rivers, and municipal supplies, can supply a significant volume of water. We may also supplement surface water sources with groundwater if necessary. Whitewater can provide specific services such as water transfer and water logistics, such as permits and crossing agreements and frac water heating, during a hydraulic fracturing operation.

Even though water transfer systems look easy at first appearance, the hard labor begins long before the first drop of hydro-test water is pumped. To ensure a project’s success, Whitewater works with owners and contractors to meet Canada’s strict pipeline construction and integrity criteria. Services like frac fluid heating are required in colder areas to keep water from freezing and maintain correct downhole tube temperatures as well as fulfill the requirements of various cross-linked gel fluid formulae. Many hydraulic fracturing operations rely on frac water heating services.

Whitewater can provide full solutions for water storage, manifolds, and pumping systems with the help of industry partners.

Whitewater is happy to help the development of the Canadian energy sector and municipal infrastructure. WMS is happy to be a Canadian-owned and Canadian-operated company, but it’s also proud to employ Canadians. Over the years, our team of hardworking professionals has kept together and thrived by relying on each other as leaders, mentors, and allies! They take great pride in building on the stellar service reputation for which Whitewater has become known across the business community today.