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Comprehensive water management


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    Propose, evaluate and model cost effective, sustainable water sources…


    Provide low cost transfer lines and appropriate storage options..

  • Recycle Flowback

    WWM is working on alternatives to conventional disposal methods and has options on liner disposal‐ call to discuss…

Why Us

Economic feasibility and environmental sustainability.

Water Delivery


Pump Line

White Water Management pump lines regularly deliver the equivalent of 100+ truck loads per 24hr. This radically decreases hauling costs, carbon emissions, and impact
on roads.

Situation depending, pump lines can be in excess of 30 km in length.

Pump Station

In cases where a pump line is not feasible, a pump station may be implemented. Pump stations allow multiple trucks to interface with a point of diversion at once. Load times are faster, freezing issues are mitigated, and diversions are monitored and tracked. Overall time hauling trucks are on the road is decreased; the speed of water delivery to the job is increased.

Pump stations make hauling reliable and faster.



White Water Management finds the best sources of water available that a) will be economically feasible to access and b) satisfy sustainability metrics of governmental licenses.

Sourcing all relevant permissions includes White Water Management communications with Environment Alberta, the office of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, Alberta Energy, Alberta Energy Regulator, Alberta Transportation, local municipalities, and private stakeholders. Allowing White Water Management to help you address relevant permissions solves problems before they happen.

White Water Management protects your company’s integrity.

Recycling & Reversion


When the work is done, there is still work to be done.

C-ring and Poisiden-ring liners need to go somewhere. White Water Management strikes down, shreds, and recycles liner.

Flowback needs to go somewhere. In an enormous number of cases, flowback that goes to disposal could go to future hydro-fracturing operations. White Water Management is optimally positioned for flowback logistics. We organize reuse of flowback between a given company’s various jobs, as well as between different companies.

Whether pump line or load station, White Water Management ensures that land is left in the condition it is found.

Wider Environmental Context


White Water Management regularly participates in water community events. We understand the most current regulations, what is important for permitting bodies to see in your operations, and what is of concern in the public eye.

Further Information

Client Portfolio

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Government Organizations

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Non-Government Organizations

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Alberta Water and Wastewater Operators Association | Alberta Water Portal

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